Asferica Consulting is a specialist, independent consultancy company offering impartial advice and assistance on international risk and insurance issues.

We operate worldwide, through long-established business relationships in over 100 countries and based on significant experience gained over 40 years.

Asferica will assist you to develop, arrange and implement the procedures, protocols and protections which are essential to the successful development of international insurance programmes and client service plans.

We will help you to navigate the minefield of international insurance regulation, taxation, compulsory cover requirements and specific local peculiarities.

We can also arrange and manage local broker and insurer service in overseas territories and provide access to the global marketplace.

Our promise of individual solutions to your requirements and the personal attention of our principals, is backed by our extensive experience and knowledge.

Asferica is paid solely on a fee basis by our clients for providing them with best advice and practical assistance. We do not receive remuneration from third parties or take commission on any projects on which we are engaged