Our approach is to look at the whole range of a client’s worldwide risk exposure in order to design and implement the most cost-effective risk retention and transfer programme. This involves identifying the optimum combination of global and local policies and balancing central and local service, underpinned by the provision of high-quality technical input and data.

Our International Risk and Insurance services include:-

  • Advice on overseas insurance requirements, regulation, compliance and taxation
  • Assistance with the design, placement and management of global insurance programmes
  • Arrangement of local insurance policies, within global programmes or separately as appropriate
  • Access and introductions to independent local brokers who provide high quality local client service
  • Collation and presentation of overseas risk and insurance policy information to the controlling broker and client
  • Co-ordination of local brokers, insurers, claims managers and other relevant parties
  • Assistance with due diligence for clients’ overseas acquisitions/new ventures
  • Advice on the insurance aspects of overseas contracts and projects
  • Audits of existing insurance arrangements and broker/insurer service
  • Project management of insurance broker reviews and insurance tenders

Asferica will help you to navigate the minefield of international insurance regulation, taxation, compulsory requirements and specific local peculiarities.